Anansí and the Sky Kingdom (Story Cove) by Bobby Norfolk, Sherry Norfolk, Baird Hoffmire

Anansí and the Sky Kingdom (Story Cove) Author: Bobby Norfolk, Sherry Norfolk, Baird Hoffmire
eBook Title: Anansí and the Sky Kingdom (Story Cove)
ISBN10: 0874838819
ISBN13: 978-0874838817
Language: English
Publisher: August House (November 15, 2008)
Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
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Rating: 4.4
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A timeless trickster tale from Africa about silly spider, Anansì.

Anansí and the Sky Kingdom is another folktale from West Africa about the trickster spider Anansí. This timeless story is written by the award-winning creative team of Bobby and Sherry Norfolk. In this folktale, the world is dark and King Lion asks for someone to go to the King of the Sky to ask for light. Many animals try but all of them fail to bring light to the world. Finally, Anansí offers to take on the task after all of the other animals have failed. He uses his courageous wit and trickster skills to successfully bring light to the world and all of the animals rejoice. These trickster legends from Africa teach readers the importance of citizenship, courage and resourcefulness.

While author, Bobby Norfolk was visiting the town of Kumasi in Ghana in the summer of 1993, a woman told him, "At four-thirty every afternoon, we try to gather together and have Anansi time." Norfolk attended the afternoon break and heard elders tell stories of Anansi, the tireless trickster of Ghanian tradition. Anansi Appears in these stories in his most playful and creative guises. The Norfolks' adaptations brim with action, energy, and humor.