Nineteenth Century American Piano Music by John Gillespie

Nineteenth Century American Piano Music Author: John Gillespie
eBook Title: Nineteenth Century American Piano Music
ISBN10: 0486236021
ISBN13: 978-0486236025
Language: English
Publisher: Dover Pubns (June 1, 1978)
Category: Arts & Photography
Subcategory: Music
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Rating: 3.8
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This original collection of 40 piano pieces by 27 early American composers recalls w hole musical era that has been neglected in the 20th century. Though some of the composers are fairly well known, many will be generally unfamiliar even to those interested in the period. The individual works are of varying degrees of difficulty & pianists of virtually any level can find pieces to match their needs. All of the music has been clearly reproduced from rare, original editions. There are numerous pages of information about the works & composers. Titles: *Bartlett: Grande polka de concert, Opus 1 *Beach, John: Intermezzo *Mrs. H.H.A. Beach: selections from Sketches, Opus 15 - Dreaming, Fire-flies *Bristow: Souvenir de Mount Vernon: Grande valse brillante, Opus 29 *Dudley: Introduction & Rondo, Opus 7 *Carr: Fantasia on the air Gramachree *Chadwick: Caprice, no. 2 *Chadwick: Scherzino, no. 3 of the 6 Characteristic pies, Opus 7 *Farwell: Impression of the Wa-Wan ceremony of the *Ohmahas, Opus 21 (8 pieces) *Foote: Suite in D minor, opus 15 (4 pieces) *Gottshalk: The banjo *Gottshalk: Berceuse, Opus 47 *Gottshalk: L'Union: Paraphrase de concert on the national airs star spangled banner, Yankee doodle, & Hail Columbia, Opus 48 *Grobe: United States grand waltz, Opus 43 *Heinrich: Sonata for the piano forte **Hill: Four sketches after Stephen Crane, Opus 7 *Hoffman: Dixiama: Caprice on popular negro minstrels' *Kelley: Confluentia, Opus 2, no. 2 *Loomis: Lyrics of the red man, book 1, Opus 76 (5 pieces) *MacDowell: Scotch poem, Opus 31, no. 2 *MacDowell: Serenata, Opus 16 *MacDowell: Witches' dance, Opus 17, no. 2 *Mason: Novelette, Opus 31, no. 2 *Mason: Silver spring, Opus 6 *Nevin: Two etudes, Opus 18 *Paine: Birthday impromptu, Opus 41, no. 2 *Paine: Fuga giocosa, Opus 41, no. 3 *Parker: Conte serieux, Opus 49, no. 1 *Parker: La sauterelle, opus 49, no. 2 * & More

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