UFO... Contact from the Pleiades, Volume 1 by Wendelle Stevens, Lee Elders

UFO... Contact from the Pleiades, Volume 1 Author: Wendelle Stevens, Lee Elders
eBook Title: UFO... Contact from the Pleiades, Volume 1
ISBN10: 0937850020
ISBN13: 978-0937850022
Language: English
Publisher: Genesis III Pub; Revised edition (1980)
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A Swiss farmer born in the town of Bülach, Eduard "Billy" Meier's claimed his first extraterrestrial contacts occurred in 1942 at the age of five with an elderly extraterrestrial human man named Sfath. Contacts with Sfath lasted until 1953. From 1953 to 1964, Meier's contacts continued with an extraterrestrial human woman named Asket. Meier says that after an eleven year break, contacts resumed again with an extraterrestrial human woman named Semjas, the granddaughter of Sfath. Meier has accumulated a large collection of photographs showing spaceships called beamships as well as extraterrestrials. Meier's claims are both believed and disputed by UFO skeptics and enthusiasts. Beginning in 1975, Meier began his official contacts communicating both directly (face-to-face) and by telepathy with a core group of the Pleiadians/Plejaren, or Errans. These visitors hail from the Plejares star system which is beyond the Pleiades and in a dimension that is a fraction of a second in the future from our own.These Plejaren have provided a sampling of evidence, including highly detailed photography, videos, multi-toned sound recordings, the temporary use of a weapon which he employed for trial on a nearby tree, and metal alloy samples. Meier claimed the visitors charged him with certain informational and consciousness-raising tasks. As he undertook this mission, he met with a great deal of scorn and derision in addition to twenty-one assassination attempts. Some of these were allegedly initiated by hostile extraterrestrial entities and subsequently defeated largely through the intervention of his Plejaren friends. Meier was instructed to transcribe his conversations with various extraterrestrials & his discussions with the Plejarens are wide-ranging, from spirituality to the afterlife, human history, science & astronomical phenomena, environmental dangers, in addition to prophecies of future historic trends & events.

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