Neurosurgical Operations by G. Merrem, W.-E. Goldhahn, T. C. Telger

Neurosurgical Operations Author: G. Merrem, W.-E. Goldhahn, T. C. Telger
eBook Title: Neurosurgical Operations
ISBN10: 3540113746
ISBN13: 978-3540113744
Language: English
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (October 31, 1984)
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Subcategory: Medicine
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The first German edition of Neurosurgical Opera­ man Edition, the present book is not intended as tions, published in 1966, was well received by sur­ a comprehensive review of neurosurgical tech­ geons, students, instructors and reviewers. The niques. It is, rather, a discussion of principles need for an expanded and updated edition became and techniques based upon neurosurgical ex­ perience at the Leipzig Clinic. apparent within a few years, particularly with the advent of microneurosurgery. This new dimen­ A short bibliography was considered necess­ sion in operative technique has drastically ary. Surgeons familiar with the history of their changed operative planning and tactics. Surgical specialty will already know the originators of indications have broadened, hitherto little-used surgical procedures, and as already mentioned, the operative methods described here are based surgical approaches have become practical, and operative co~sequences once thought to be on techniques employed at the Leipzig Clinic invenitable have been gradually eliminated. and thus may differ in some respects from other Moreover, the operative stress on seriously ill descriptions. or elderly patients has been significantly reduced This book is dedicated to my wife and to our by accompanying developments in anesthesio­ children Ines, Astrid and Lutz, who gave me their active as well as passive support on so logy and intensive care techniques. Sadly, Prof. Dr. Georg Merrem was unable to many occasions.