Elric of Melnibone by Lawrence Whitaker

Elric of Melnibone Author: Lawrence Whitaker
eBook Title: Elric of Melnibone
ISBN10: 190721870X
ISBN13: 978-1907218705
Language: English
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing (September 20, 2010)
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Subcategory: Gaming
Size ePub vers.: 1538 kb
Size PDF vers.: 1322 kb
Other formats: cb7, odf, pdf, azw, ibooks, mobi
Rating: 4.0
Votes: 434

Fully updated and revised for RuneQuest II, Elric of Melnibone will transport you to the Young Kingdoms, an eldritch setting providing a wealth of strange places, deadly foes and potent spells for your games. Sail the seas of fate into a demon-haunted world where dragons ride the storm-racked skies and the price of dreams is above rubies. Walk the streets of fabled Elwher, steal the lore of Pan Tang, and cross the Sighing Desert as you quest for eternal Tanelorn. Starting the new Eternal Champion line, Elric of Melnibone takes players to the Young Kingdoms where dragons fly the skies and chaos reigns! A copy of the RuneQuest II rulebook is required.

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