We Live in the Mind by Kgalalelo Mphephuka

We Live in the Mind Author: Kgalalelo Mphephuka
eBook Title: We Live in the Mind
ISBN10: 161667217X
ISBN13: 978-1616672171
Language: English
Publisher: Raider Publishing International (May 25, 2011)
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Subcategory: New Age & Spirituality
Size ePub vers.: 1783 kb
Size PDF vers.: 1329 kb
Other formats: cb7, odf, pdf, azw, ibooks, mobi
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 463

Everyone in life goes through more of less the same experiences in different ways. Your personal story is not new to the world. You might think that you are alone in what you go through. Don't despair; there are many souls who are just like you, going through the same things. All you need to do is move forward in your journey with faith in God. Kgalalelo Mphephuka gives you a description of her own life, the experiences that she has gone through and through it all, she has been carried by her faith and belief in God. God can never fail you; you fail yourself by not resting in God's presence. Invoke the light and presence of God in all that you do and you will definitely see miracles. This book shows you that your worst enemy is your mind, and if you can control your thoughts and live in the mind of God, you will live in Heaven for the rest of your life on earth.

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