Beating Overeating: The Easy Guide by Gillian Riley

Beating Overeating: The Easy Guide Author: Gillian Riley
eBook Title: Beating Overeating: The Easy Guide
ISBN10: 1439220964
ISBN13: 978-1439220962
Language: English
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (January 30, 2009)
Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting
Subcategory: Diets & Weight Loss
Size ePub vers.: 1486 kb
Size PDF vers.: 1788 kb
Other formats: cb7, odf, pdf, azw, ibooks, mobi
Rating: 5.0
Votes: 317

This book has been rewritten and published with a new title, DITCHING DIETS, in 2013. ‘Beating Overeating’ provides an alternative to dieting. It is an easy-to-read pocket book with thought-provoking yet practical advice that the author has taught over the past decade. Challenging conventional advice ‘to eat when hungry and stop when full’, the three core issues of Choice, Motivation and Temptation introduce an entirely new way of thinking about eating food and losing weight. Cognitive techniques are explained in terms of brain function, showing readers how to work with what happens in the brain, instead of against it. The aim is to raise awareness of the addictive nature of overeating, creating a healthy, relaxed and realistically imperfect relationship with food. Sustainable weight loss is achieved through the elimination of overwhelming and persistent cravings, obsession with food, feelings of deprivation and rebellious rule breaking. It's no quick fix, but it is a lasting one, and there will be no need to diet again.

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