MIDWAY: 1942 (Battles in Focus) by Philip Grove

MIDWAY: 1942 (Battles in Focus) Author: Philip Grove
eBook Title: MIDWAY: 1942 (Battles in Focus)
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Language: English
Publisher: Brasseys (September 19, 2004)
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Subcategory: Military
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This new series of paperback military history originals is set to revolutionize how selected conflicts and characters of history are studied. In comparison with other mid-format paperback series they contain extensive textual coverage - 50-55000 words - and are written by noted scholars and experts in the subjects, rather than non-specialist writers offering brief and inadequate coverage of a theme. Necessary illustrations and maps are included but are not provided to simply add pages to the book or fill vacant space

This action proved the turning point of the sea war in the Pacific.

The Japanese sent a huge naval and air force to attack the island of Midway, 1000 miles west of Hawaii, but the US forces were ready for them and, though initial actions did not prevent the first Japanese attacks, a fifth effort, using 54 dive bombers, did prove decisive, effecting a massive Japanese setback and enabling a full American counteroffensive.

The author, a senior lecturer at the Royal Britannia Naval College at Dartmouth, England, is an expert on naval aviation.