It's a Whale of a Tale by Nadine Thomas MacLean

It's a Whale of a Tale Author: Nadine Thomas MacLean
eBook Title: It's a Whale of a Tale
ISBN10: 0805944672
ISBN13: 978-0805944679
Language: English
Publisher: Dorrance Pub Co (May 1999)
Category: Religion & Spirituality
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While a very young girl growing up in the Williamette Valley of Oregon in the 1920s, author Nadine MacLean learned a valuable lesson from a neighbor. As she walked by his house on her way home from Sunday school, she mentioned how puzzled she was about the story of Jonah and the whale. In reality a whale’s throat isn’t large enough to swallow a man, so how could a whale have swallowed Jonah?

Mr. Brown, the neighbor, explained that perhaps the story had symbolic meaning instead. Because Jonah had so many problems but so little faith in God, he allowed his own worries to devour him.

'It's a Whale of a Tale' is an inspirational autobiography how MacLean overcame adversity in her life by keeping in mind the biblical story of Jonah and the whale.