Team Spirituality: A Guide for Staff and Church by William Carter

Team Spirituality: A Guide for Staff and Church Author: William Carter
eBook Title: Team Spirituality: A Guide for Staff and Church
ISBN10: 0687016045
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Language: English
Publisher: Abingdon Press (February 1, 1997)
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Every church has a staff. Some have only a pastor, with unpaid lay persons assisting in the work of the church.  As the church grows in size or ministry other paid persons may be added in various roles, part or full time.

Team Spirituality is an examination of the process for defining needs and for acquiring, developing and utilizing local church staff in ways that are practical, productive and spiritually-energizing in support of the ministry of the local church. It is a comprehensive introduction to biblical foundations and staff dynamic for churches of all sizes. It addresses such questions as when staff should be added, where to find them, team building, increasing staff members' effectiveness and integrating them into the life of the congregation, along with guidance for general staff administration. Various instruments are provided to assist the staff team and the pastor in assessing and addressing needs and encouraging team building, along with suggestions on how to use the instruments.

William Carter believes that the center of the Body of Christ is spirituality and places a major focus on elevating the spiritual vitality of staff persons in order to increase their effectiveness in meeting the spiritual needs of the congregation. Beginning with the record of the formation of the first church staffs as told in Acts, he moves on to the present day, confirming the value of staff persons and suggesting ways that they may effectively impact the church and community.

Using insights gained by 28 years as pastor of local churches of various sizes and fifteen years of leading retreats and seminars in and for local church staff development, he encourages the pastor and staff persons to work closely together, sharing through personal relationships and communicating ministry plans and church dynamics freely with one another at all times. Convinced that all members of the team are in the same ministry, he asserts that each must be an integral part of all ministry, respected and affirmed.

Team Spirituality may be read by pastors, personnel committee members and/or staff persons for personal enrichment and skills development or it can be used by the senior pastor, the church administrator, or the personnel committee to provide material for staff training and retreats. Instruments included may be reproduced for use with local church staffs.

Team Spirituality provides biblical and theological foundations for a spirituality that is deeply grounded in the diverse gifts of the whole body and inextricably centered in the vital mission of the church. Carter's work is filled with practical advice and sound principles for staff development. It contains a variety of helpful, up-to-date resources that promise to enrich the corporate life of the staff and the spiritual life of the congregation. For Carter spirituality is not simply a coveted ‘extra dimension’ but an essential element of what it means to be a Christian and part of the body of Christ.”  --Justin W. Tull