The Intellectual Life by Philip Gilbert Hamerton

The Intellectual Life Author: Philip Gilbert Hamerton
eBook Title: The Intellectual Life
ISBN10: 080481368X
ISBN13: 978-0804813686
Language: English
Publisher: Tuttle Pub; Tuttle ed. edition (March 1, 1981)
Category: Politics & Social Sciences
Subcategory: Politics & Government
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Other formats: cb7, odf, pdf, azw, ibooks, mobi
Rating: 4.0
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We have shared together many hours of study, and you have been willing, at the cost of much patient labour, to cheer the difficult paths of intellectual toil by the unfailing sweetness of your beloved companionship. It seems to me that all those things which we have learned together are doubly my own; whilst those other studies which I have pursued in solitude have never yielded me more than a maimed and imperfect satisfaction. The dream of my life would be to associate you with all I do if that were possible; but since the ideal can never be wholly realized, let me at least rejoice that we have been so little separated, and that the subtle influence of your finer taste and more delicate perception is ever, like some penetrating perfume, in the whole atmosphere around me.
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