Neural Control of Reproduction: Physiology and Behavior

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eBook Title: Neural Control of Reproduction: Physiology and Behavior
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Publisher: S. Karger; 1 edition (May 20, 1997)
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Reproductive processes in mammals consist of a series of physiological events: spermatogenesis, follicular growth, ovulation, progestational stage, gestation, parturition and postpartum nurturing, including lactation. In order for offspring to be reproduced effectively, these processes must proceed in the proper chronological order. In this regard, the brain, pituitary gland and gonads make up a dynamic axis in which the brain holds first place. Reproductive behaviors corresponding to each physiological event, such as copulatory and maternal behaviors, must be synchronously expressed for successful reproduction. These behaviors are considered to be the expression of higher brain function, but the expression is strictly regulated by various components of the axis. By focusing on neural activities, this book improves understanding of the physiological processes and behaviors involved in reproduction.